Adult Detox Inpatient Treatment Program

In order to fully engage in treatment for chemical dependency at Longleaf Hospital, an individual must not be actively abusing the substance or substances to which he or she has become addicted.

Depending on the nature and severity of a person’s addiction, the intense physical and psychological pain of withdrawal can prevent him or her from stopping his or her substance abuse long enough to enter treatment at our center in Alexandria, Louisiana.

For individuals in this situation, detoxification may be the ideal option.

Detoxification, which is often referred to as detox, is a safe and closely supervised process through which individuals can eliminate addictive substances from their bodies.

Men and women who complete detox at our center receive comprehensive, personalized care that enables them to successfully complete the withdrawal process with maximum safety and minimal discomfort. Once detox has been completed, the individual can transition directly into our residential chemical dependency program, where he or she will develop the skills that will support long-term recovery.

Detox at Longleaf Hospital

Detoxification at Longleaf Hospital is specifically designed for adult men and women ages 18 and above, who have not been able to stop abusing alcohol or other addictive substances prior to starting our chemical dependency treatment program.

As is the case with all types and levels of treatment at our center, our medically monitored detox program is customized according to the specific needs of each person who heals with us, and all services are provided in an atmosphere of dignity and respect.

Throughout a person’s time in our detox program, he or she will be under the care of a team of compassionate professionals, all of whom are experienced at guiding individuals through the detoxification process. These dedicated men and women protect the health and wellbeing of all who are in the detox program, providing support that includes therapeutic interventions and, when appropriate, certain prescription medications.

Depending upon which substances a person has been abusing, he or she may be prescribed Suboxone or Vivitrol while in detox at our center. These prescription medications can alleviate cravings and other withdrawal symptoms, allowing for a more comfortable and positive detox experience.

Benefits of Detox

Safety and comfort are two of the most important and obvious immediate benefits of participating in the detox program at Longleaf Hospital. However, individuals who complete our detox program also reap a range of additional benefits.

First, completing our detox program allows a person to enter the next phase of treatment on a note of positivity and success. The diminished self-esteem and pervasive sense of hopelessness that can result from extended struggles with addiction can have a negative impact on a person’s efforts to gain a foothold in early recovery. Starting the recovery experience by successfully completing a detox program can be an essential first step in establishing a more positive and hopeful mindset.

Completing our detox program also empowers an individual to enter treatment in a physically healthier state. Recovering one’s strength after the chronic abuse of addictive substances can be a long-term endeavor, and detox can provide a supportive foundation upon which to build a healthier future.

Of course, even with a more positive mindset and improving physical and psychological strength, individuals in early recovery can be vulnerable to immediate relapse. Completing detox at our center can eliminate this risk, by allowing for a direct transition from our detox program into the next level of care. By remaining at our treatment center in Alexandria, Louisiana, men and women who just completed detox will be shielded from the stresses, pressures, and temptations that can trigger relapse, and will benefit from continuity of care as they work to develop the skills that will support the successful pursuit of a healthier drug-free future.

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